Dima’s Ukrainian Vodka -70cl

70cl , 40.0%Abv

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Ukraine has always made exceptional vodka but closely guarded their national recipe.

Now you can experience Dima’s Ukrainian vodka, which truly sets the new vodka standard.

70cl – 40% Abv

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The origin of vodka has long been a topc of discussion.
Ukrainians have known for equally as long that it’s the vodka quality that truly matters.

Dima’s Ukrainian vodka is distilled from three high quality organic grains: barley, wheat and rye, which give it a richer and more rounded flavour profile, crystal-clear clarity and an enviable velvety smoothness.

Ukraine’s unique climate and black ‘supersoil’ enable the very finest conditions for these grains to flourish.
These best possible ingredients are then sourced and used by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable Ukrainian distillers to breathe life into Dima’s Ukrainian vodka.

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70cl, 40% Abv

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