ENSŌ Japanese Blended Whisky has hints of soft caramel, vanilla, smoky, spicy and fruit flavour notes and it mixes beautifully in cocktails or simply enjoyed on its own.

70cl – 40% Abv

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ENSŌ blended whisky is the first release within the Enso Japanese whisky range.

ENSŌ is a handcrafted pot still blended whisky aged in American oak. It has subtle hints of caramel and vanilla that give way to slightly smoky fruit and floral aromas.

ENSŌ is well balanced to work perfectly in making cocktails and other favourite long drinks.

ENSŌ like a circle is a perfect introduction to Japanese Whisky.

ENSŌ is the Japanese word for Circle. An ENSŌ is painted in one single brushstroke which cannot be modified later.
An ENSŌ is supposed to underline that every captured moment is unique and complete in its own way.

It is said that this philosophy helped inspire the creation of ENSŌ Japanese whisky.


70cl – 40% Abv