Award Winning Austrian Schnaps

50cl, 38% Abv



APRICOT – Marille Schnaps

Aroma: cooked apricot notes, brilliant freshness, fine roasted aromas and fruit ester, base notes of bitter almond, nutty, cocoa, eucalyptus, vanilla, honey

Taste: jammy texture, some plum, bitter chocolate, marzipan, cinnamon, some green notes, minty flavour, full-bodied, great length on the palate

50cl, 38% Abv




FREIHOF 1885 Schnaps and Spirits are award-winning Austrian creations characterised by their high proportion of distillate.
Sipped neat in a delicate goblet, their genuine taste comes into their own.

Offering endless possibilities for creative cocktails or as a long drink FREIHOF will always stand out.

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