Tasting notes by the distiller

The nose

The blueberry and ginger rise to meet you

The palate

Blueberry pie, citrus zest, and juniper

The finish

Sweet and fruity


Made from all-natural ingredients from Alps

No artificial colors or flavors added.

Freihof Mirtillo Blueberry & Juniper Liqueur

70cl, 22.5%Abv

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Grown in the breathtaking Austrian Alps, refined as a liqueur: FREIHOF Mirtillo impresses with the fruity-fresh combination of blueberries, lime, ginger, juniper and alpine spring water. Thanks to its unique taste, the liqueur from the Freihof distillery is the perfect base for cocktails and long drinks.

Serving Recommendation

Freihof Mirtillo in a alternative, refreshing summer spritz version

4 cl Freihof Mirtillo
10 cl Bitter Lemon
A dash of Soda

In stock

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