Distilled with fresh strawberries




Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin – Copa Glass Gift Pack

70cl, 37.5%Abv


Limited Edition Valentine's Copa Glass Offer

Puerto de Indias is the original strawberry gin, infused with ripe strawberries grown in the sun-soaked Spanish region of Huelva, an area that produces some of the best strawberries in the world. With an elegant pink hue derived from these locally-grown berries, this all-natural premium gin delivers the quintessential flavours and aromas of berry sweetness, balanced with classic wild juniper.

This limited edition Copa gift pack also includes 4 x 200ml bottles of Franklins Mallorcan Tonic.

Franklin & Sons Mallorcan Tonic Offer FOC

Franklin & Sons Tonic
200ml x 4 bottles

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This is the strawberry gin that inspired a whole new category. It’s the only pink gin made with distilled fresh strawberries. Because, true to its Sevillan roots, it wanted to be different.

Infused with natural ingredients and botanicals from the sun-drenched region of Seville, Spain, this aromatic gin fills the senses with the spirit of Andalucía.

Paying homage to its heritage, Puerto de Indias takes its name from Seville’s port which came to prominence during the 1500s, a period when Spain began extensively trading with the recently-discovered New World.

In a nod to its maritime roots, the gin’s unique bottle shape is inspired by the Torre del Oro, or ‘Tower of Gold’, a 13th century Moorish watchtower and one of Seville’s most iconic monuments.