Glaswegin Gin 70cl

70cl, 41.4%Abv


Glaswegin is distilled and bottled in the heart of Glasgow.
Its eight botanicals include Scottish milk thistle, coriander, orange flower, Italian juniper, angelica, chamomile, bay leaf and pink peppercorns, and all are listed listed on the bottle.
The minimalist bottle was designed by award-winning designer Paul Gray.
Modern art for your drinks cabinet!

70cl 41.1% Abv

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Glaswegin’s bespoke recipe and unique taste come as a result of blending eight, globally sourced, botanicals.

Milk thistle, Italian juniper, Russian coriander, angelica, orange flower, bay leaf, chamomile and pink peppercorn combine to create Glaswegin Scottish Gin – a gin that you could enjoy glass after glass.


70cl 41.1% Abv