Junimperium Blended Dry Gin 70cl



“ The process of creating our gin felt like painting. Pure alcohol being the canvas, botanicals and berries being the paints.”  Tarvo Jaansoo Co-founder, gin creator

This gin has won numerous awards and it’s easy to see Why! Truly handmade, complex & bursting with flavor.

To achieve their unique taste, Junimperium combine three of the world’s best junipers with the finest local berries, as well as coriander, angelica, cubeb pepper, thyme and two secret local botanicals.

All the ingredients are distilled separately and blended into a rich, citrusy and slightly peppery gin with a strong juniper flavor.

70cl, 45% Abv

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THE STORY – Born from junipers, shaped by passion

The story of Junimperium Gin started with the love for premium quality handcrafted gin! The team wanted to create a gin using traditional methods, and for it to taste completely unique!

They had a clear idea and vision about their first gin, with more than a year of tireless tests and trial distillations! These were done with the best juniper berries and interesting botanicals. This led to their dream becoming a reality in early 2019 when Junimperium Distillery opened its doors! They are the only gin brand using these, and you won’t be able to resist the wonderful scent when you open your bottle!


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