Lambay Small Batch Blend Irish Whiskey 70cl


Lambay Small Batch Blend Irish Whiskey

A smooth Irish blended whiskey triple distilled & finished in Cognac casks


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Lambay Small Batch Blend Irish Whiskey

Triple distilled, bourbon cask matured and finished in cognac casks carried across the sea from the world-renowned cellars of Cognac House Camus.
Lambay’s own volcanic Trinity Well water is added at the final stage of finishing before bottling, this is a whiskey as unique as the island that inspires it. Lambay Island

  • COLOUR: Pale Oak Brown
  • AROMA: Floral, Citrus and Lingering Spiciness
  • TASTE: Cracked Almonds, Pepper, Malt, Floral
  • FINISH: Spiciness with Lingering Sweetness

With floral notes of citrus, malt, and lingering sweetness, Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend is easily enjoyed straight-up.
However, as a mixed drink or cocktail, Lambay showcase some great recommendations.